Being competitive doesn’t mean overlooking the quality. The fundamental values shared by our employees is to seek performance and innovation in the manufacturing of our products always aiming for the expected cutting quality at the best price.


Being close to our customers concerns is a priority. Our sales team is available to answer your questions.

To ensure better service, our experts in the design of your products, do not hesitate to discuss with you about your cutting process. Their expertise offer you the necessary adjustments to meet your performance expectations.


Your concerns are our concerns: low prices, better quality and short delivery time.

To meet them, we are adapting our organization. From an “artisanal” work we seek to “industrialize” our production facilities while maintaining our competitive qualities:
Integrated manufacturing process (debit, heat treatment, milling, cup-wheel grinding, turning, tangential grinding, wire, laser).
A very diversified fleet of machines (conventional and CNC) to manufacture pieces up to 3200 mm / Ø900 mm.
– Regular renewal of our machines to keep abreast with new technologies.
Optimal use of the potential of our machines to produce pieces from the simplest to the most complicated.
Low staff turnover to capitalize our know-how and constantly develop new skills.

Production gain: to adjust our prices to those of the market, the feedback from each manufacturing allows us to optimize our processes in order to reduce our costs and therefore our prices.

Fluidity and reactivity: we can adjust our delivery time thanks to the control we exerce over our fully integrated process. The stock management of “standard” pieces brings more responsiveness and capability to plan to plan delivery that match your needs.

Quality: The quality of our products comes from our skills and know-how gained by pooling and coordinating the different manufacturing technology to meet the requirements of each industry.